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Choosing the right office space is an important decision. An office must be large enough to be functional, in a building that looks professional and in an area that is convenient for both clients and staff. Of course, it should also be affordable. Every business will also have additional needs that are specific to their own industry. It can seem to be an impossible task at times, as well as one that can be very time consuming. However, it is easier to find and lease Minneapolis office space than many believe.

The first step is to decide what size is really needed. Can one large room be sufficient or are individual offices necessary? For companies that are just starting out, draw out a floor plan and add all of the equipment and furnishings necessary to work effectively. Remember to add space for shelving, file cabinets and all the other little extras. Companies that are interested in expanding need to be honest about why their current office is too small. Is it a lack of storage? Are there not enough private spaces for meeting with clients? It may be possible to find something with a better floor plan and not need to pay for more square footage.

Budget matters too, so consider this next. Everyone should be cautious about what they are able to pay for rent. Always look at options that are on the lower end of the budget first. Overpaying on rent can make it impossible to afford other necessities like marketing or utilities.

Minneapolis office space listings are very clear about cost and square footage, so it is easy to narrow down the options. Next, consider location, parking and access to the office. Location is not just about what part of town, but who else is leasing space in the building. It is not a good idea to be next door to a competitor or located in a part of town that is not consistent with the type of business performed. Traffic and the availability of public transportation should be considered as well. If clients cannot get to an office easily, they may choose to do business where they can.

Consider business goals when signing a lease. It is possible to rent Minneapolis office space on an annual basis or to sign a multi-year contract. A company determined to expand dramatically may want to sign short-term leases, while one that can grow financially without needing more space should consider the benefits of a long term contract.

A good office is one that is easy for clients to find, is welcoming to everyone who walks in and is functional for whatever is needed by the company. It should be managed by a company or individual who is responsive to their tenants needs, and be safe and well-maintained. When a building meets this criteria and matches the needs of the potential tenant, it is the perfect choice.