Leasing Office Space Minneapolis

SAQs – Should Ask Questions when leasing office space in Minneapolis

One of the first concerns that every entrepreneur needs to face when starting a business is where the office will be located. Here the question one will have to answer: Will buying or leasing Minneapolis office space listings be better? In the final decision to buy or rent a property, the area where you want to put your business considerably influences the initial capital and the risk you are willing to assume. Which one is best for you? Here are some points to consider before deciding.

Advantages of leasing

  • There is no need for savings, meaning you only need money to pay the monthly lease.
  • Do not incur taxes.
  • Maintenance costs are usually borne by the owner, which means less maintenance and safety responsibilities of the premises.
  • It is a flexible option when you think about moving in the future. This is because you do not agree to set your location in one place and you can move relatively easily whenever you want.
  • The decision-making process is faster.
  • Reduces the initial investment and risks: when you lease you allow your finances to be more nimble; as opposed to purchasing, which results in a big cash outlay.

Disadvantages of leasing

  • Staying in the office space for a long time depends on the renewal of the contract by the owner.
  • The reforms or improvements to the property that you make must be authorized directly by the owner. In the case where permits are needed, the money invested is not recovered when you need move.
  • The payment to rent Minneapolis office space is an expense and not an investment.
  • There are no tax benefits for those who pay rent.
  • Most leases have a penalty clause that becomes effective in case you decide to cancel early.

Advantages of buying

Instead, the benefits of buying local are:

  • Buying is a tangible asset that can be taken as a long-term investment.
  • The costs are fixed with no increase at the beginning of each year.
  • It’s easier if you can sublet part of the premises and obtain extra income.
  • You have more freedom if you decide to sell your home or rent it.


Deciding between buying or leasing also depend on factors such as the type of business, along with the vision you have for the future. Can you commit to short or long term? Decide but do so by examining the advantages of both. Only you can determine what best fits your situation. Follow these steps when you go to lease Minneapolis office space.