Lease Minneapolis Office Space

Things to Avoid When Leasing Minneapolis Office Space

All businesses that develop growth will someday face the question of whether to buy or rent Minneapolis office space. This question has many pros and cons and the final decision will be up to the business owner, who must carefully weigh said pros and cons. For instance, when you rent an office space, you must pay a few months in advance. If you go with a local purchase, you must make a down payment of about 25% of the total price, plus the yearly mortgage that was set.

Advantages of buying an office space

  • Fixed costs: Having an office no longer has to involve dealing with variable costs of rentingwork-space
  • Tax deductions: The costs associated with owning and running a commercial space can provide expense deductions such as property taxes, mortgage interest and others.
  • Additional Income: Owning Minneapolis office space listings can offer the advantage of renting additional office space and adding another source of income.
  • Withdrawals: The ability to have your own commercial space allows the owner the option to sell and finance their retirement.

Disadvantages of buying an office

  • Lack of flexibility: A new or growing business may experience unforeseen needs in the future. If your business continues to grow, its own office space may be inadequate, forcing the sale of the property.
  • Start-up costs: The purchase of commercial premises has other costs incurred, such as maintenance and possible improvements of the property.

Advantages to renting office space

  • Greater mobility: Leasing an office provides business space with the possibility of renting in an area according to the business, that is, you have more options to choose.
  • Working capital: With the money invested in real estate, your business can assume other responsibilities in the market. For example, your rental agreement will serve as a good sign if you need to borrow funds to grow your business.
  • More time and fewer responsibilities: Any kind of property comes with a responsibility. A lease option allows time to focus solely on your business.

Disadvantages of renting an office

  • Variable costs: With a lease option, you may be subject to annual rent increases, as this varies with the supply and market demand.
  • Possession of a property requires involvement in the business of property management. So by renting, you could limit this.


The answer to whether you should lease Minneapolis office space or not is not clear. This decision will depend on several aspects, such as financial, legal and personal affairs. Do not make this decision hastily. Consult your accountant and financial adviser, who will guide you to the right answer.